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During the latest Apple event, a complete section was devoted to the world of gaming. Deciding that now was as good time as any to step into the murky pool of game services, Apple announced that they would be providing a way for gamers to break free from the ever prevalent sea of freemium style of games. A way for many of us that just want to play a game, not wanting to sit through menus touting that in order to truly experience the game, you must purchase a collection of gems/beads/whatsits to complete the mission that much faster and to not suffer that wrath of hopelessly grinding away at a glaciers pace for free.

Featuring over 100 games at launch you can subscribe to access these games and play them on your iOS, macOS, and tvOS. Which we all know that gaming and Apple really never could be stated in a single sentence before. During the announcement it was stated you could in effect play a single game on your iPhone then continue where you left off on your Macbook. Which it seems that Apple is investing a large amount of server space in order to provide this in the cloud type of game saving. This in turn is a different approach to what Google recently unveiled with Stadia.

Apple is taking a more hands on approach in actively contributing to the development of these handpicked games and the developers. This could be troublesome to some creators as the games would be exclusively only available on Apple Arcade. Developers such as Epic Games would not be welcomed, even if they wanted too as it would be leaving billions of dollars behind due to their success of purchasable skins and other cosmetic items within the game Fortnite, that Apple would not want to see in Apple Arcade. Would small indie developers be willing to forgo releasing their game elsewhere and opting to be available on Apple Arcade? As Apple has mentioned that payouts from the monthly price would be based on the popularity of the game, leading to some speculation into how competition would come about between the creators.

Much isn’t known in how much Apple Arcade would cost subscribers, estimates hover around the ever popular $9.99 mark as most if not all like services are priced accordingly. As Apple did not release subscription cost during their event. We have a long wait until Fall 2019 when we will see Apple Arcade become available to the masses and even then would the public step up to plonk down yet another $10 for yet another streaming/gaming service? Apple is playing on their commitment to providing an ad-free, curated environment that is sharable with your family all the while privacy is paramount to Apple and to many of their customers.

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