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The past decade has seen a lot of innovation surrounding the world of virtual reality. From the humble beginnings of Oculus coming up through the kick-starter ranks to now a prominent segment of Facebook. HTC Vive with it’s radical approach of incorporating the space within your room as part of the VR experience. Now, bring on Sony has has been improving and adding game titles into their line-up. Virtual Reality is slowing growing into something that is commanding respect from the outside sphere of tech enthusiast.

Of course the journey into what we see now wouldn’t be possible without some missteps along the way. When you try to incorporate roller coasters and VR together, sometimes the results are not preciously what the general public would think. Some people had negative experiences but that was possibly due to the equipment at the time. VR headsets were not as high resolution as the current crop are. Low frames per second and the movement of the coaster played with a few people’s inner ear and well, nausea ensued.

For now general expectations of virtual reality has seen to be slowly growing in popularity. VR arcades are opening up as well as equipment can be purchased by the general public just about anywhere. What should we expect in the next five years as people become even more use to the idea of the VR experience and to have the levels of hardware improve.


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