Everyone goes through the ordeal of changing something within their lives. It's inevitable that we find something new and exciting and try it out. Sometimes it's a complete fail, other times an overwhelming success.

I had been mulling over the idea in trying something new, something to liven up the old place. Maybe a splash of color or some new plugin. Everything I researched and looked into came up empty in my mind. Then I decided, why not change platforms completely and oh, lets experiment on top of that. Hence the move away from using WordPress and into Ghost. Something that's very light weight and focuses on the actual content without much getting in the way of things.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Add in the process of spinning up a VPS to host the new home of The Collective Network. It's been a ride so far and one I plan to continue to be on for quite some time. It was frustrating at times when something wasn't working and I couldn't figure it out but, Google is always there when you need it.

For the site, the podcast(s), and more I wanted to focus on what is important to our community. I wanted to not be just another tech review site. The Collective Network is more than that, it's a place for families to find information about cool and geeky things that perhaps they've never heard of. A place for any age group to enjoy and reach out to other like minded people. That's my focus for what The Collective Network is.

I hope that you'll enjoy our adventure through the universe together and let me know if something is amiss. For now I should be heading off to bed but the excitement of what's to come is just too much.

Thank you
Josh Bailey