Gaining live viewers are what we truly look for in improving as a content creator. To have the interaction of an active chat brings life to your live streaming session and makes you have a truly great experience. Viewers are adding content whether through just their conversation about what game you're playing, the actions taking place or even by using the streaming platforms interactive elements to bring an air of fun to the stream. One thing to take notice is that this air of being in the moment is truly exhilarating for everyone involved. For those that are not able to join in during the live stream, their only recourse is to watch it via video on demand.

For many this step is achieved via the streaming platform of choice that the content creator has chosen. Another option is with YouTube, for many this option is perfectly situated as they have more than likely subscribe to many other creators that are on the platform.

The problem arises as the great portion of the videos uploaded of your stream is probably the entire portion of your stream. This can be many hours in length and for a great majority of viewers, their attention span is quite short to begin with. This problem is two fold, with the streaming platforms there is a place that your god's live but, they only last for fourteen days if you're not a partner and longer if you are. Eventually they'll disappear after a certain amount of time. On the other hand, you can upload to YouTube and have them for essentially forever. Unfortunately there's a growing set of problems that you'll need to deal with on YouTube. Use of copyrighted music will completely block your video from even being posted. Certain terms in the title and/or description will open yet another Pandora's box with demonetization if you are wanting to make some money with the video.

The question remains in where you should store these moments. This is something that only you can only answer, will you take the time in carefully editing your work down to be more later viewer friendly or, to let it live for the fleeting moment on your streaming platform of choice. Obviously the options are there and it's truly a great time to be alive in having too many choices.