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    Community Clubs

    Public, Private, Open, Closed

    Club owners choose an appropriate club type to determine how much they share with the wider community. While some groups may aim to be fully visible to the community, others dealing with more sensitive subjects may want to be more hidden, and Invision Community provides the tools to do so.


    Flexible customization

    Leaders can customize their club with a photo and banner image, plus add additional data based on admin-defined custom fields - great for filtering clubs by interest or by giving prospective members an idea of whether the club interests them.

    Club leaders are also in control of the content areas within their club. They can add new forums, calendars, download areas and image galleries, without needing admin assistance.

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  • Our picks

    • For the past several years we've constantly made our core to cater to the family friendly and safe for work crowd. While some things change, our core values remain the same. We're still bringing you original podcasts covering all manner of topics. Along those lines we are planning of adding another podcast into the lineup so be sure to keep an eye out for that on our social's. 

      We're adding in to the mix a new section that is dedicated to Indie game developers. This is to bring more awareness to those hard working individuals that truly love their craft. With a section that is for them to post their game releases and where our community and anyone else for that matter, to find those games. There's also a new section for the community and the developers to come together and talk about their processes, the game industry in general and to get in touch with each other. 
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About Us

The Collective Network brings together many aspects of the safe for work, family friendly universe under one section of the internet. Our original podcast The Geek 2.0 Podcast is dedicated to the geeky families raising the next generation of geeks. Streamer Nova is our newest initiative in helping up in coming streamers with YouTube videos and write-ups to help them along on their journey. We also focus on the Indie Game Devs that bring the best in fun and entertaining games.

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