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    • By JBPrime
      Show-notes: YouTube and keeping your kids safe online and dealing with advertisements. The benefits of being a cord cutter. Microsoft releases Windows 10 S, dives full board into taking a larger chunk of the education market from Google Chromebooks. HTML for Babies - http://codebabies.com/product/html-for-babies Code-a-pillar -  https://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-DKT39-Think-Learn-Code-a-pillar/dp/B01ASVD2L4 The Island of Dr. Brain - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Island_of_Dr._Brain Bitsbox the monthly box for teaching your kids coding. https://bitsbox.com/ Had to add the Jurassic Park reference. Trying to find a middle ground in pushing your kids into something without forcing them and having them resent you later in life. Intro Music: Intro For A Nonexisting Video Game by Captive Portal Outro Music: Utopia (instrumental) by YACHT
    • By JBPrime
      Will our robot overlords be benevolent or do we have nothing to fear as we rely more and more on our tech?
    • By JBPrime
      This episode we kind of geek out over all sorts of comic books, comic book movies and much more.
    • By JBPrime
      We look into some of the devices that are out there that can help you keep an eye on your kids.
    • By JBPrime
      What do you do in today’s world in which we’re constantly connected via our phones and other devices?

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The Collective Network brings together many aspects of the safe for work, family friendly universe under one section of the internet. Our original podcast The Geek 2.0 Podcast is dedicated to the geeky families raising the next generation of geeks. Streamer Nova is our newest initiative in helping up in coming streamers with YouTube videos and write-ups to help them along on their journey. We also focus on the Indie Game Devs that bring the best in fun and entertaining games.

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