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  1. We're excited to announce that 2TonWaffle will be joining our ranks here at The Collective Network. He is an up in coming Twitch streamer that focuses on MMO's and helping other streamers. 2TonWaffle produces several videos that can be found over on YouTube that helps someone to quickly get started in a magnitude of differing subjects through the Streamer Nova program here at TCN and we're proud to have him on board with us. Of course what would an announcement be without providing some more information and links to 2TonWaffle's content. Twitch - twitch.tv/2tonwaffle YouTube -
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The Collective Network brings together many aspects of the safe for work, family friendly universe under one section of the internet. Our original podcast The Geek 2.0 Podcast is dedicated to the geeky families raising the next generation of geeks. Streamer Nova is our newest initiative in helping up in coming streamers with YouTube videos and write-ups to help them along on their journey. We also focus on the Indie Game Devs that bring the best in fun and entertaining games.

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