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  1. Can always change the colors which I'm planning on doing. They're both good themes lol
  2. In looking to add some fun flair and to spruce things up a little more around here, we're looking into some styles that might help do that. These are the two that I've been looking at and would really love your input. In the comments let me know which one you like. 1. 2.
  3. With lockdowns still taking place and many of the population not adhering to basic mask wearing or social distancing the movie theater industry is really feeling the effects of the economic downturn. Already Regal Cinemas has announced that they're going to be shutting down all of their theaters until some time in the future. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/10/05/920367787/regal-movie-chain-will-close-all-536-u-s-theaters-on-thursday AMC is still keeping their theaters open with reduced seating while the market has shown there is no large scale major film r
  4. You might've seen the Streamlabs live streaming industry report earlier this month. The interesting chart showing Twitch's continued growth in the number of streamers is astounding. To see that there are over 10 million streamers on the platform is very impressive. The downside to all of this is that the number of CCV (concurrent viewership) has actually dipped from 2.3 million in Q2 2020 to 2.1 million in Q3 2020. Imagine if you will, you're a streamer who is wanting to jump into the wonderful world of live streaming and see these numbers. Would you be discouraged? Maybe emboldened that you c
  5. What are your thoughts in regards to ads on your streaming platform of choice? Let's take a look at Twitch as the majority of people stream and view on the platform there. Currently you receive a 15-30 second pre-roll ad before the stream shows up. Twitch offers streamers that are at affiliate or partner levels the ability to run ads during their live stream in order to bank minutes to stop pre-roll ads from running. This past month Twitch started to run a test of forced mid-roll ads during a live stream. This of course brought up many people against this. Twitch is in a difficult positi
  6. Wanted to work on this some more but I think the time is now in releasing this news. Schrodember is a cat, one that alive and dead at the same time. He's been augmented to be able to fully interact with the games that he plays. Given to him as experiments by his human companion. From now until the heat death of the universe Schrodember continues the family friendly atmosphere so bring your kids, your grandma and the family for some fun times.
  7. Wanting to see what everyone who has an iOS device has setup there homescreens now that iOS 14 is out allowing us the use of widgets. It's been too long in the making since we can now customize our screens.
  8. So, what do you all think about the website? Is there something that we're missing? A little splash of color or maybe a darker theme? Let me know.
  9. If you're a streamer over on Twitch, do you feel that you are part of the greater community or even wanted on the platform? We've seen how actions on Twitch's part show that streamers are not as important to the greater good. Yes, we know that ads are an important part of a streaming platform and you might be thinking that they do care. They don't, never have and never will. For the hundreds and thousands of streamers that are on Twitch streaming to 0 viewers are actually costing Twitch tons of money. Twitch wants only the top 1% on their platform as they bring in a large audience that they ca
  10. Woke up this morning and opened up Twitter where the big news was right there. Microsoft brought Bethesda into the fold. The massive amount of money for Microsoft, about $7.5 billion. That's right, more than what they paid to get Mojang, more than Disney bought Lucasarts. That's a lot of money and they've added a lot of games that carry a lot of audience potential and offers fans something that they can breath a somewhat sigh of relief.
  11. until
    Hard hat tester, Ray, has a bizarre accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain! With his awesome new powers he can read minds and change the world with stickers but he’s on the run for a crime he didn’t commit.
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