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What are your thoughts in regards to ads on your streaming platform of choice? Let's take a look at Twitch as the majority of people stream and view on the platform there. Currently you receive a 15-30 second pre-roll ad before the stream shows up. Twitch offers streamers that are at affiliate or partner levels the ability to run ads during their live stream in order to bank minutes to stop pre-roll ads from running. 

This past month Twitch started to run a test of forced mid-roll ads during a live stream. This of course brought up many people against this. Twitch is in a difficult position in which running the platform is a huge expense and with all of the thousands of streamers streaming to 0 viewers takes more money away than the ones streaming to 50 or more. Ads are a necessary evil in that money needs to made in order for the platform to continue to exist. Overall there is a balance in which the amount of ads to the time of the stream is always in flux. Running too many ads can cause your viewership to rapidly decline. Too little and the amount of earnings is a pittance to the effort. There are so many variables to consider but ultimately it is up to the streamer in how they approach ads. 

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