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Should You Stream On Twitch?

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You might've seen the Streamlabs live streaming industry report earlier this month. The interesting chart showing Twitch's continued growth in the number of streamers is astounding. To see that there are over 10 million streamers on the platform is very impressive. The downside to all of this is that the number of CCV (concurrent viewership) has actually dipped from 2.3 million in Q2 2020 to 2.1 million in Q3 2020. Imagine if you will, you're a streamer who is wanting to jump into the wonderful world of live streaming and see these numbers. Would you be discouraged? Maybe emboldened that you could be the streamer that'll become one of the top 1%. The fact is that you're up against over 10 million other unique channels throughout the entirety of Twitch and you also have to fight for the attention of just 2.1 million viewers. You are pretty much up against worse odds than winning the lottery.


Twitch Unique Y0Y 2020.pngTwitch Average CCV YoY 2020.png


Streamlabs report source https://streamlabs.com/content-hub/post/streamlabs-and-stream-hatchet-q3-2020-live-streaming-industry-report

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