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Been dealing with things in regards to streaming, from wanting to stream for myself and whomever decides to appear in chat. To not wanting to in facing that wall of 0 viewers and a deader than dead chat. I've been trying many things in which all have been less than stellar results or none at all. Coming to a realization in that maybe streaming isn't for me but I want to continue on because I actually do enjoy it. I know I'll never be the biggest and I really do hope in that one day I can build a community of like minded people sharing family friendly ideas, content and streams. It's just that this journey is the hardest without support and I do have that, my daughter keeps me going with this.

Currently I'm dedicating the Schrodember account to be the FF/SFW streaming one and moving to games like Minecraft and other that I can play with with my daughter. I set up a different account that I'll use for creating videos on helping streamers, reviews and the occasional game. That account is "2TonWaffle" and have been spending the past few days messing around trying to get things settled with it. You can find the account pretty much everywhere (Twitch, Trovo, YouTube) except Facebook which I'm still on the fence with currently. I really do love helping others even if I'll never be there myself, at least I could be there for them.

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