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IS It Really Pay To Get Twitch Affiliate?

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MonstecCat recently sent out a tweet stating that Twitch and MonsterCat partnering up in that people can sign up to Monster Cat Gold and get a fast track to Twitch affiliate. This of course chummed the waters of streamer Twitter. Many came out against this, claiming to be pushing affiliate status even more as a useless metric. Others posted that this didn't change anything as if you relied on this, you probably not going to get much if anything with monetization.

Now Monstercat is claiming that what this was all about wasn't anything at all. What do you think this about? For me it means that the cross promotion wasn't going to be anything but promoting Monstercat music to use in your streams. Just the page made it seem like you can get affiliate after waiting 30 days of having a Monstercat account or if you had one already for more than 30 days. Who knows what the true meaning was but it did manage to do one thing and that was to stir up streamer Twitter.





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