Many streamers that live on the Twitch platform all strive for the coveted Affiliate status or even Partner. To them this is a status symbol that tells the world that they've made it. They are part of the elite group of streamers that are to be looked up too. For many, this could be a roadblock as now, their content is solely the property of Twitch for at least 24 hours. The Streamer loses ownership of their content for that time period all because of a long standing clause within the contract they agree to when signing up as an affiliate and partner.

The exclusivity clause is one that restricts a streamer to only stream on Twitch, even after the stream is done it can not be hosted on any other platform for 24 hours. That's a large amount of time that someone can exploit if their were any crazy moments that can be posted up onto their YouTube channel. Twitch has thought of this as you can share clips out to social media but then again all that traffic is funneled directly into Twitch and your channel on the platform.

With the uptick in large streamers moving away from Twitch, not only is the reason of large amounts of money but, a freedom to branch out their brand away from just Twitch. The thinking is that as a streamer grows their brand, there is the connotation that the streamer isn't just known as whatever their brand is but one that is associated under the Twitch brand. This can be perfectly fine for many but to those that want to move on from just being a Twitch streamer in regards to garnering Brand deals and more. This would be a marketing roadblock.

Does Twitch's exclusivity bring more harm to streamers now as the atmosphere of the entire streaming world is constantly shifting? As other platforms offer different outlooks in how a streamer produces their content. Not restricting the creative freedom of the creator in way that they have to think of producing content for Twitch and then doing the same but on other platforms away from Twitch immediately following the stream on Twitch.  In thinking that as competition to Twitch becomes more mainstream, the exclusivity of affiliates and partners would have to be looked at closer to probably allow more creative freedom of the streamers on the platform.