We've covered the complex battlefield of TV streaming options and currently, the field is becoming even more complex. There were rumors in which Sony was looking for buyers to grab its fledgling online TV streaming service. As of right now, Sony will be shutting down Playstation Vue, stating high overhead. It is market that is very competitive and a place that you'll have to market yourself to consumers all the while spending gobs of money in bringing over exclusive content to make your service better than the others.

Now we're going to be offered even more choices in which content producers are silo'ing their content that only they control. Unlike the days of yore, you are presented with a a' la cart landscape. Time Warner will be bringing their HBO Max along with many of their own produced shows and movies under the same roof. NBC is offering a place for fans of their work a place to watch classic shows under the brand name of Peacock. Apple is jumping into the crowded field with Apple TV+, premiering 8 shows and 1 movie. Lastly we have Disney+ bringing a rather impressive collection of classic Disney content but also, Fox and Marvel content will be rounding out their lineup.

We'll try to keep up with the ever changing landscape of what is to come. Will consumers continue to drop their cable subscriptions and join the rest of us on the cord cutting front? The future is quite hazy but one thing is for sure, we're in the midst of a shift of consuming content that the likes we've haven't seen before.